custom scores


I love pre-made assets. 

But there comes a time when your game outgrows them.  You've invested so much time crafting a world for your player to get immersed in, and you need music that lives up to that standard.

If this sounds like you, then you may be interested in talking about a custom score.  Before we even talk about a fee, I'll help you figure out exactly what your game needs:



I'll spend some quality time with you figuring out what the game is about, how we want the player to feel and how music can make that happen.


What music do you hear when you think about the game?  What existing soundtracks inspire you?  This all feeds into the process.


With all that knowledge, I'll come up with a few demo tracks to show you.  You'll get a feel for how the game will sound with me on the team.

I'd encourage you to have a go at the process if you're unsure.  As I said, I don't charge for these preliminary steps and you'll discover a lot about the potential of your game, regardless of whether you end up hiring me.

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