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Chase Jenkins (David Coomber) just wants to succeed. But why does he feel like he's always falling behind?

Part playful, part neurotic, part existential, 'CHOKABLOK' is a surreal exploration of our obsession with achievement and the perpetual anxiety of trying to keep up.

Written and Directed By Cameron Carver

Dramaturgy By Poppy Pedder


Inspired by “The Truman Show”, we follow the character Lincoln (Cameron Carver) as he discovers the truth about his life. What lies beyond the halls of his constructed reality?


Post-Production takes place the moment after Lincoln leaves the LED lit studio. He slowly peels away the veil of existence, one layer at a time, embracing whatever “reality” turns out to be, learning to embody uncertainty.

Written and Directed By Cameron Carver

Dramaturgical Design By Alexandra Lord

Shot By Mallory Brown