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"I’m so happy with this music and think it fits the game perfectly.  Jac is a very professional individual who asked questions about all aspects of the game to make sure the music would be a good fit. I highly recommend anyone looking for the same to get in touch with him."

Adam Gray,

developer, The Adventures of Nigel

Nigel logo.png

"I must say that Jac is a true professional.  Since working with him the game has been taken to the next level!
Absolutely all the music that he's composed so far is exactly what the game needed. The quality of the work really is incredible."

Matias Weschenfeller,

developer, Understanding, The Game

Understanding The Game.jpg

"Jac's score for Tracker's Express was both tasteful and highly suited to our needs. He has a great work ethic, never missed a deadline, and skilfully reworked pieces based on our notes."

Nathan Small,

developer, Tracker's Express

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