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No Place Like Home  |  Composer & Sound Designer

As Whitney Houston pumps through the speakers of one of the biggest gay clubs in the city, Connor meets Rob.

One’s a newcomer, the other's been around far too long. But in here their differences don’t matter... do they?


Fusing spoken word, dance and original music, No Place Like Home is a solo performance about violence and LGBT nightlife. It was originally created at Camden People’s Theatre as part of Starting Blocks.

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Shuga Fixx Vs The Illuminati  |  Composer & Sound Designer

When teen girlband Shuga Fixx win the Triple Threat Teen Awards, they fly straight to the top of the charts...

and unwittingly, straight into the cold reptilian hands of The Illuminati.


Featuring tearaways, rhinestoned lizards and original pop hitz, Shuga Fixx Vs The Illuminati provides a sugar-coated, outrageously silly, high-camp antidote for these strange times.

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Shuga Fixx vs The Illuminati debuted at CPT's Sprint Festival, and will run from 23rd - 27th November at Iris Theatre, Covent Garden.

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