If you have a project that needs quality custom music, you've come to the right place.


 I work with theatre directors, filmmakers, choreographers, and game developers to bring their art to life.  I believe that music doesn't just need to be great; it needs to be true to the story you're telling and the atmosphere you're nurturing.

I'm always interested in new projects regardless of the budget, so click below to start a conversation.  Tell me what you want from the music and I'll provide you with a free demo, no strings attached. 



Ewan Black

Film Director

It has been a fantastic experience working with Jac.  Easy to collaborate with, nailed the brief and interpreted it in a unique style.  His music transformed our film.

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Victoria Gimby

Writer | Director

For a show set in the '80s, Jac avoided all the obvious cliches whilst cementing the play in its time. He is easy to work with, meets tight deadlines and delivers top quality.

Cameron Carver

Cameron Carver

Director | Choreographer

Jac is a devoted and intelligent collaborator. His music is  innovative and detailed. He’s pragmatic, not precious - the first person that comes to mind when hiring a composer. 

Grace Church

Grace Church

Theatre-maker | Performer

Jac is professional, calm, personable and kind. He understood my vision completely due to his extensive experience in theatre. A pleasure to work with!



Hipster Cafe | Useful Slug Ltd.

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Pitstop | Bigger Pictures



No Place Like Home (Camden People's Theatre)  |  Call Me Vicky (Pleasance Theatre)  |  Caterpillar (Theatre 503 & Stephen Joseph Theatre)  |  Locked Up (Tristan Bates Theatre)  |  Kin (Salisbury Playhouse)  |  True Cuts (Bush Theatre)  |  Eiger (PULSE Festival 2018)  |  Nest (The Vaults Festival)  |  All That We Found Here (New Theatre Dublin)  |  Snapshot (Hope Theatre Islington)  |  Network Diagnostics (Brighton Fringe 2017)  |  True Brits (Theatre N16 Balham)  |  The Madame Macadam Travelling Theatre (Bristol Old Vic Studio)  |  The Tempest (Redgrave Theatre Bristol)  |  The Ugly One (Alma Tavern Theatre)  |  Wake (Theatre N16 Balham)  |  Still Here (Edinburgh Fringe 2016)  |  The Myth of Dull and Fun (Barbican Openlab 2016)


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