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composer & sound designer
for theatre, games & film.

"Timed to perfection with snap-second sound design"

"The sound design is exciting and vibrant"

"Electric sound design and composition"

"Cooper’s sound design strikes us from the opening moments"

"The sound design is perfection"

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Breeding | Composer & Sound Designer

Zeb and Eoin have met, kissed, fallen in love, moved in, got married – what’s next?  Zeb will be Fun Daddy. Eoin will be Serious Daddy.  Beth’s job is to decide if they are “appropriate” Daddies at all.  Together they all navigate the precarious road to adoption and queer parenthood, forced to lay bare fears and secrets.

Breeding re-opened at the new King's Head Theatre in April 2024, directed by Tom Ratcliffe and produced by Gabriella Sills Productions.

No Place Like Home | Composer & Sound Designer

Winner of the Les Enfants Terribles Award, and shortlisted for Musical Theatre Review's Best Musical Award at Edinburgh Fringe 2022.On a night out in a gay bar, Connor meets Rob. One's a newcomer, the other has been on the scene far too long. But when a kiss leads to a brutal attack – who's the victim and who's the perpetrator?

Fusing spoken word, music, dance and video art, No Place Like Home is a tragic odyssey into gay club culture and the places we can call home. Get ready to laugh, cry and dance with somebody who loves you.

Shugafixx Vs The Illuminati | Composer & Sound Designer

When teen girlband Shuga Fixx win the Triple Threat Teen Awards, they fly straight to the top of the charts... and unwittingly, straight into the cold reptilian hands of The Illuminati.

Featuring tearaways, rhinestoned lizards and original pop hitz, Shuga Fixx Vs The Illuminati provides a sugar-coated, outrageously silly, high-camp antidote for these strange times. Shuga Fixx vs The Illuminati debuted at CPT's Sprint Festival, then transferred to Iris Theatre Covent Garden & Pleasance.


Theatre Credits | Composer & Sound Designer (except where stated)


Breeding | King's Head Theatre

Fame Whore | King's Head Theatre

There Was A Little Girl | Camden People's Theatre

No Place Like Home  |  Pleasance 10 Dome, Edinburgh

Shuga Fixx Vs The Illuminati  |  Pleasance Theatre, London

Cell Outs  |  Camden People's Theatre

Snow White  |  Theatre 503

Call Me Vicky  |  Pleasance Theatre London

Caterpillar  |  Theatre 503

Locked Up  |  Tristan Bates Theatre

Kin  |  Salisbury Playhouse

True Cuts  |  Bush Theatre

Eiger  |  Pulse Festival, Norwich

Nest  |  The Vaults

All That We Found Here  |  New Theatre, Dublin

Snapshot  |  Hope Theatre, Islington

Network Diagnostics  |  Brighton Fringe

True Brits  |  Theatre N16 Balham

Madame Macadam  |  Bristol Old Vic Studio - music only

The Tempest  |  Redgrave Theatre, Bristol - music only

The Ugly One  |  Alma Tavern Theatre

Wake  |  Theatre N16 Balham

Still Here   |  Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Dull and Fun   |  Barbican Openlab

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