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composer & sound designer
for theatre, games & film.

"Timed to perfection with snap-second sound design"

"The sound design is exciting and vibrant"

"Electric sound design and composition"

"Cooper’s sound design strikes us from the opening moments"

"The sound design is perfection"

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The Story Of Elusia | Composer & Sound Designer

Over three years, four European theatre companies came together to create an extended universe, all with the aim of making theatre more accessible to young adult audiences. ​The Story Of Elusia is a 40-minute documentary chronicling this vast collaborative project.

Video By Cameron Carver

wabya | Composer & Sound Designer

Video By Cameron Carver

Artificial Life | Composer & Sound Designer

Directed By Cameron Carver

Written By Poppy Pedder

Artificial Life Trailer
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Chokablok | Composer & Sound Designer

Directed And Written By Cameron Carver

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