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Chokablok  |  Composer & Sound Designer

Chase Jenkins just wants to succeed.  So why does he feel like he's always falling behind?

Part playful, part neurotic, part existential, 'CHOKABLOK' is a surreal exploration of our obsession with achievement and the perpetual anxiety of trying to keep up.

Written and Directed By Cameron Carver

Dramaturgy By Poppy Pedder

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Artificial Life  |  Composer & Sound Designer

Lucy (Jessica Temple) is an actor. One day she loses a job to a computer-generated actor. What now? 

Playful, fun and a bit sad – ‘Artificial Life’ is a comedic short film all about growing up, fading dreams and being an artist in the age of AI.

Written By Poppy Pedder

Directed By Cameron Carver

Artificial Life Trailer
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The Story Of Elusia  |  Composer & Sound Designer

Over three years, four European theatre companies came together to create an extended universe, all with the aim of making theatre more accessible to young adult audiences.

The Story Of Elusia is a 40-minute documentary chronicling the creation of this vast collaborative project.

Video By Cameron Carver

Post-Production  |  Composer & Sound Designer

Inspired by “The Truman Show”, we follow Lincoln (Cameron Carver) as he discovers what lies beyond the LED lit studio.


Post-Production uses dance and poetry to express the unknowable reality Lincoln finds himself diving into.

Written and Directed By Cameron Carver

Dramaturgical Design By Alexandra Lord

Shot By Mallory Brown

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