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When I was 5, my brother and I saved up our pocket money and bought our first N64 game: Banjo Kazooie.


Many years have passed, but I still use Grant Kirkhope's score for Banjo Kazooie as a touchstone for writing music. It is in equal parts epic and whimsical; containing unforgettable hooks and exaggerating the game's already eccentric visual style. Yes, technology has moved on and midi samples sound less rudimentary nowadays, but if you're looking for an utterly charming experience, it is as good an example as any.

I want to help create games that delight.  If you resonate, have a project in the pipeline, or just want to share your gaming love-story, drop me a message at jac@jaccoopermusic.co.uk or follow me on Instagram.


"Jac's score for Tracker's Express was both tasteful and highly suited to our needs. He has a great work ethic, never missed a deadline, and skilfully reworked pieces based on our notes."


Nathan Small,

developer on Tracker's Express

Music Assets

Inspired by the era of the SuperNES, I've created two music packs specifically for indie game developers.


For Retro Heaven, I tried to take the nostalgic sounds and catchy hooks that define retro soundtracks and bring them up to date with some more hi-fi drums and synths.  There's a range of adventure, action, and exploration themes, so have a listen and enjoy!

If you want access to the full tracks with stems, stings, and loops to use in a game, send an email to jac@jaccoopermusic.co.uk and I'll provide you with everything you need to implement them.

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