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You've got a great game and you're really excited about it.  Everything's working - the concept, the mechanics, the aesthetics... now you just need some music.

So where do you start?


Well naturally, you trawl the internet looking for assets. 


The thing with ready-made assets is that there's always something sacrificed.

Either they're so generic you can't use them, or they're so good that everyone's using them.

Of course, there are some exceptions but they tend to be pretty rare.


You've spent so long crafting a world for your players to get immersed in.

You need music that's high-quality and designed from scratch, with your game in mind.

Wait a second Jac...  Won't that be REALLY EXPENSIVE?

To be honest, it will be more expensive than buying assets - but perhaps not as expensive as you think.  Being a creative myself, I know how difficult it can be to get funds together.  I understand the struggle; which is why I always take into account everything about you, your team, and the game when quoting prices.  If in doubt, just drop me an email.  I'm always happy to talk, even if you literally have zero funds and a few Unity screenshots!

Besides, here's what you'll be getting with me on board...


Flat Fee Pricing

No hidden costs.  I evaluate what you need and give you one fee for the whole project.


Truly Original Music

My passion and expertise lay squarely in making stunning music to level-up your game.


Coherent Sound World

I make UI sounds, stings, fanfares and other musical events which glue your world together.


Maybe you're still not sure whether you really need a composer...

That's fine! 


The best way to find out is to  have a chat  about it.

Don't worry, I'm very honest.  If I think you'll be all right with pre-made assets, I'll tell you!

That's the worst that can happen: you get some free music advice from a composer.

As for the best that can happen...


I'll need some details before I can tell you that!


"I’m so happy with this music and think it fits the game perfectly.  Jac is a very professional individual who asked questions about all aspects of the game to make sure the music would be a good fit. I highly recommend anyone looking for the same to get in touch with him."


Adam Gray,

developer on The Adventures of Nigel


If you really don't need a composer...

I've created two music packs specifically for indie game developers, inspired by the era of the SuperNES.


For Retro Heaven, I tried to take the nostalgic sounds and catchy hooks that define retro soundtracks and bring them up to date with some more hi-fi drums and synths.  There's a range of adventure, action, and exploration themes, so have a listen and enjoy!

If you want access to the full tracks with stems, stings, and loops to use in a game, send an email to jac@jaccoopermusic.co.uk and I'll provide you with everything you need to implement them.


"Jac's score for Tracker's Express was both tasteful and highly suited to our needs. He has a great work ethic, never missed a deadline, and skilfully reworked pieces based on our notes."


Nathan Small,

developer on Tracker's Express

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