No Place Like Home

Writer - Alex Roberts

Director - Cameron Carver

On a night out in the city, Connor meets Rob. One's a newcomer; the others been here too long. Through the maze of bodies and shit pop music, they drink; they dance; and connect. Or do they?

Camden People's Theatre

Tue 26 - Thu 28 Nov 2019

Praise for Caterpillar at Theatre 503:

"Jac Cooper’s sound and Ben Jacobs’ lighting come together perfectly to bookmark each scene." - Bridget Minamore, The Guardian

"Jac Cooper’s sound design is exactly what this production needs – the soundscapes launch Claire’s opening monologue into an optimistic stratosphere, and later underscoring at climaxes of tension immerses the audience in the characters’ distress." - Eloise Poulton, The Spy in the Stalls

Theatre Credits

No Place Like Home

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The Tempest

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Camden People's Theatre

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Tristan Bates Theatre

Salisbury Playhouse

Bush Theatre

The Vaults Festival

New Theatre Dublin

Hope Theatre Islington

Brighton Fringe 2017

Theatre N16 Balham

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